Time for “We the People” to express our True thoughts!

This is from Matty Webber, Ian Lungold’s life partner. Ian brought the Mayan calendar and the evolution of consciousness to the attention of CSQ
Sent: November-14-08 11:59 PM
Mike, Post this please
My daughter called me the night of the 4th, not having a TV, I hadn’t even remembered that the election happened.
she was filled with excitement, I encouraged her excitement, did I vote? NO. . . I have the truth that resides within. my truth
not THE TRUTH. what I just read, well, this is the way my experience of this government, doesn’t seem to matter who’s at the helm. the mouth moves, the words are given, and if, that’s a big IF, the speaker says anything ‘THEY’ don’t want the public to hear, well, ‘OFF WITH HIS HEAD’ . . .
what is ‘MY TRUTH.’ my truth is, being in total integrity, being aware of the ‘words’ that I use, how they’re spoken.
no one has the same intentions, we’re coming from what ‘feels’ right, through the expression of THE ONE LOVE,
integrity is the name of THIS game.How many millions of people do we have to sacrifice before we stand united and say, NO MORE WAR and mean it.
if no one showed up when the war started, who would they come after?
WW II is over, yet not in the minds of the POWER hungry, money grabbers. I personally lost family during that time,
my Polish/Jewish heritage had taken my family.  I’m first born in the US, Daddy was so proud to be an American, so proud, it felt right for him to pay ‘taxes’.
If he had lived, he would have been 100 yrs, born in 1908.
blessings dear ones. blessings

Barack Obama’s Zombie Followers and The Hell That Awaits America
I want to make it clear that I have absolutely no interest in politics and do not care who the president is. Politics are not real and presidents do not run countries. The United States of America is run by the same occult religion that runs the whole planet, operating through the Council on Foreign Relations and various other “non-governmental organizations”. The political theatre is just that: theatre. It is a scripted drama played out for public consumption.

It was figured out a couple hundred years ago that the people would stage violent revolutions every four or five years under an oppressive government, so the elite gave them the “right to vote”, convincing them that they had a say in the matter, and if the government was totally corrupt and evil, it was somehow their fault. The fact is, there is not a single point in the history of the world where anything was ever changed by voting.

This following is not about Barack Obama; it is about the mindset of his followers, and how they are going to follow the leader through the final death throes of the Old World.

The Black George Bush
I don’t get out much, but a few months before the election, I was at a pretty hip night club in downtown Columbus. I noticed a guy with an Obama t-shirt on, sat down next to him and asked if it was a joke. He said it wasn’t. I asked about his reasoning in supporting the man. Rather than form his own response, he quoted a slogan, “I think we need a change”. I asked what kind of change, noting that Obama publicly supports the continuation of the war in Iraq, as well as the invasion of Iran, Syria, and Pakistan. He informed me that Iran was one of the world’s key nuclear powers. I said that was nonsensical. He asked me if I wanted to get nuked. I sighed and asked him about Iraq. Clearly becoming uncomfortable, he said we had to do something or Iraq would have invaded us. I asked if he was aware that we had killed roughly a third of the population of said country, and he said “well that was the third that wanted to kill all Americans”, and got up and walked away.

This was my first confrontation with an Obama zombie. The following encounters kept to this pattern almost to the letter. These people are exactly the same as the followers of George Bush. They do not care about anything, other than a romantic image, downloaded directly into their brains by the mass media.
When Bush was running for president, he was sold by the media and the corporate Christian propaganda machine as a regular guy, a cowboy ordained by Christ to rescue us from our collapsing morality and bring about the Rapture. When he turned out to be a war-mongering madman, heavily employing communistic methods of social engineering and rapid government expansion, in conjunction with basic corporate fascism, turning America into an Orwellian surveillance/police state, the true believers continued to support him and this new agenda. Still under the banner of conservatism, he was able to exponentialize the national debt, even while inflation exploded, and triple the size of every federal institution.
Obama has been sold as is an intellectual champion of the people ordained by the University intelligentsia to rescue us from Christian idealism and lead us into a humanist utopia. Sadly, when you look at the plan he is actually presenting, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from that implemented by George W. Bush over the past 8 years.
When human beings lived in tribes, their leader was one of them; it was known the he had the best interests of the tribe in mind, and so was followed without question. This part of our nature is exploited easily by professionals who understand the way our minds function. If a person is presented as a leader, and as “one of us”, it is our natural inclination to follow. This is psychological manipulation on a very base, primitive, emotional level.
These people don’t know who Zbigniew Brzezinski is. They have never heard of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve, PNAC, AIPAC, SPP, or the Brookings Institute. They have no conception of the history of the United States, the Middle East, or any other part of the world. They have been raised on Hollywood and the public education system. They are utterly defenseless.
All they know is that when they see Barack Obama, and hear him speak, it makes them feel warm inside. They chant slogans, relishing in obtusely vague terms like “hope” and “change”. With smiles on their faces, they will follow this supposed leader in which ever direction he takes them.
Where this is going
Let me say again: politics are not real. No matter what emotional rhetoric is fed to the profane masses, the agenda will push forward. The Great Work will not skip a beat as the torch is passed from Bush to Obama. In fact, you can expect to see it rapidly accelerate.
Bush did his job. He started a war on Islam, legally removed all of our rights through an endless wave of liberty crushing legislation, flooded the country with immigrants, laid the groundwork for the North American Union and collapsed the world economy.
At this point, people’s brains have been so heavily saturated with propaganda that the majority of people actually believe there are a bunch of blood drinking Muslims hiding in the bushes outside their houses at night. As I explained above, the Obama supporters are perfectly alright with continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as invading a bunch of other countries for no reason. We are going into Iran and we are going into Syria. This is key. The purpose of these wars was not so George Bush could make oil money, it was to conquer the last remaining free people, who still retained their culture, religion and values, and bring them into the One World system.
Though it couldn’t be done under Bush, “compulsory universal service” legislation will be passed under Obama, as it will be sold as some type of communistic “working for the greater good”, “everyone should have to pitch in” façade. Rahm Emanuel claims he only wants this program to apply to people from the ages of 18 to 25, but in actuality this is a carbon copy of the Soviet program, where everyone, from High School up through middle age, is associated with the military in some capacity. The original bill that was introduced to congress by Trilateral Commission member Charles Rangle, called for all those between the ages of 18-42 to serve at least 2 years. This includes women. Some form of this will be necessary for the new wars that I can guarantee you, Obama will get us into.
The ostensible premise for the wars will alter slightly, though it will still be about protecting America, defending Israel and spreading freedom, the fear-mongering will be downplayed and there will be more of an attempt to make the conquest efforts seem somehow humanitarian in nature. Expect this to be brilliantly marketed, with heavy reliance on the “Muslims oppress women and homosexuals, we have to save them” angle. This is a very easy sell to the Obama cult.
Free speech will continue to be eroded. This is very easy to do under the banner of so-called liberalism. With talk of “hate speech”, and “conservative propaganda”, they will ram through the Fairness Doctrine, which will subject all publications, radio broadcasts, and websites to content regulation. They will also be able to push through the hate laws that Ted Pike has been rattling on about for the last decade, which will make it illegal to talk about Israel doing anything wrong, and make law the secular-humanist doctrine that Christianity and Islam are “religions of hate”.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership will complete it’s transformation into the North American Union under the Obama administration. The immigration from Latin America and everywhere else in the world will continue unabated as we are further integrated into this hellish Global Village.
And sadly folks, Obama is not going to tax the rich to feed you. Please do a Google search on who funded the man’s campaign if you have any doubt about this. The rich will continue to drink our blood and eat our children here in the home of the brave. The economy will be temporarily propped up for a short period, to fix the “change” illusion in people’s minds, and then it will fall again, to the point where we’re going to be standing in very long lines holding ration cards.
I can’t say exactly how all of the cataclysms are going to play out. We’re dealing with all the same possibilities we’ve been dealing with for the last 7 years, but we are rapidly approaching crunch time. With a smiling new face of a whole different color watching over us, whispering sweet nothings through the television screen, I believe hell cometh with a quickness. There could be another staged terrorist attack or a manmade virus released, triggering martial law and a war with Iran (I personally believe a plague is more likely than another terrorist attack; the FEMA camps have been made operational, and it makes a lot more sense that they would take plague victims to these facilities rather than dissidents they’ve rounded up). Israel could attack Iran, with us forced to aid our “ally”, which would cause gas prices to shoot up to 7 dollars, which would cause riots and martial law. They could also continue to play things slow until the North American Union is solidified, and then let loose with the chaos. There are a dozen other possibilities; there really isn’t any reason to speculate.
The secret rulers of the world are holding all the cards. With a public pacified by the smiling face of their new Great Leader, they are going to make their move.
Hold tight, kids. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better. In the end, the meek shall inherit the earth, and those of us who come through are going to make our own future.
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