Richard Coutts July 23, 1945 – October 6, 2009

It is with the deepest regret that I write this note to you. I wish to advise you that our good friend, and wonderful mentor, Richard Coutts, made his transition this morning, October 6, 2009 at approximately 3:18 am.

Richard Coutts – July 23, 1945 – October 6, 2009

Richard is survived by his sister, Peggy Sikora (Rudy), brothers Dennis and Graham Coutts, and many nieces and nephews, all who loved him dearly. Assembly and Celebration of Life will be held at 3000 Millrise Point, Legacy Estates in the common room on Friday, October 16 at 6:30 pm.

Marv Harwood will conduct a Ceremony of Passage at 7:00 pm.

A second Celebration of Life Memorial will be held in Salmon Arm, BC on November 7 with further details soon to be published.

Richard was a well-known metaphysical practitioner and he generously gave of his extensive knowledge to many people over his lifetime. He made quite a impact and he will be dearly missed. These remembrances will no doubt serve to keep his memory alive in the hearts of those who loved him best. What more can one ask for in life or death than to be remembered so fondly by surviving friends and family. Join us in sharing our love and appreciation for this wonderful person.

Join us in sharing our love and appreciation for this wonderful person. In lieu of flowers, donations will be accepted for Richard‘s memorial fund through a special account at Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union, cheques are payable to SASCU Account #899914. Any funds remaining will be donated on Richard’s behalf to the Canadian Society of Questers & Dowsers Scholarship fund.

Directions: South on Macleod Trail. Exit at James McKevitt Road SW. At Millrise Boulevard turn Left, then take the next Left and again the next Left. This brings you to the courtyard of the Legacy Place complex. There is limited parking, so suggest you park on 5th Street in front of the building or at the nearby church parking lot on the corner of Millrise Boulevard.

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7 thoughts on “Richard Coutts July 23, 1945 – October 6, 2009

  1. I’m going to miss you buddy! What fun we had with our many dowsing adventures! I will remember you as a remarkable man, who was committed to many projects, especially restoring the health of the environment and the spiritual health of mankind through dowsing. You taught me so much! You opened my mind! You balanced my energies! You supported my work! You have been a huge inspiration and will continue to be! With your permission, expect to hear from me time as I continue to ask for your help! Many blessing on your continuing journey.
    With Love your friend, Merope

  2. I feel like I had only just met you and didn’t get to know the Richard I heard about. I was and still am in awe with your abilities and talents. I will miss greatly the opportunites we did not have where I could have learned and soaked in as much as I could from you.
    Have fun in your next journey I expect it is spectacular…. Not good bye but see you later!!


  3. Richard was one of those genuine people that will be hard to forget. He knew so much about things I only touched upon. We will miss him and his work here. I’m sure he’ll go right on helping humanity from the other side.

  4. Richard, Richard, Richard – you left us just when all the “fun” is starting. I will truly miss your friendship, shared meals, guidance, long talks, some heated discussions and geniune interest in humanity and where we are all heading. Your love of nature has inspired me again to do some soul searching myself about a return to nature for me. The birds miss you – I will remember to fill up the feeder, I promise and Sam (my dog) has been up and down the stairs several times in the past few days wondering where you are.

    There are few words to describe my admiration for your determination and strength in all that you have accomplished in this lifetime. You have touched the hearts and souls of so many. You said very little but I knew that you cared deeply for all that you met and helped.

    You are a special person and a great friend and I wish you many soul flights with the nature spirits, angels, guides and masters in your new form. Heaven was waiting for you to continue your work on the other side…….

    I will miss you…..


  5. Another star in the heavens ! oh, how we will miss you Richard on this earth walk. You were one of the first folk i met when i joined up with that wild and crazy bunch of “Calgary Dowsers”back in 2000, an auspicious year to be sure. Your soul star shone brightly for all to see and we were able to experience that lightness of being which was your field. Gone but not forgotten. You left us far to soon. We know you will be helping us from the other side as you return to the source of all that ever was and will be.
    In Love And Light
    South Africa

  6. I thought my heart would break when Merope called me, and just when I couldn’t breath, I felt you near me letting me know that you were still around. I closed my eye and could see you across the table or next to me in the truck on our way to yet another great learning session, whether it was by ourselves or with friends. Thanks for hanging around and letting me remember all the good times,the lessons and the understanding. You have taught me so much and I will continue on my Physical/Spiritual as you continue on your Spiritual. With all my love Richard.
    Laughter, Love and Light My Friend

  7. Our family are so sad for the loss of our beloved Richard. We are sad for ourselves and all who treasured him… but joyous for him,that he did not suffer in transition and that he has soared forward into the Great Light of our Creator. We know that he is with us everywhere and always now and that he will continue to be the huge loving, supporting force in our lives that he has always been….just from a different place.
    We are deeply grateful to Richard’s dear friends Marie and Merope who have demonstrated the value of true, pure love and friendship in caring for Richard during and immediately following his transition. They have also provided… and continue to provide invaluable service to our family as none of us live in Calgary and in fact are pretty much all in BC.
    We are honoured that Marv Harwood has offered to officiate at Richard’s Calgary “Passage of Life Ceremony” and celebration of his Life, as Richard often spoke highly of him.
    We are also very grateful to the Manager, the Board Members and the Residents of 3000 Millrise Point, Legacy Estates for the love and support they are showing for Richard and all of us. They are providing their lovely facility for us to gather in and celebrate Richard’s life.
    Thank you to all of you who cared for Richard and for all your warm love and sentiments. This Friday the 16th I look forward to meeting so many of you especially who’s names I know intimately from years of Richard speaking warmly of you.
    Thank you to those of you who are already communicating with Richard, it’s comforting to know that there are those of you who can and will do so.
    With Love and Blessings from our whole family,
    Karen Zimmerman (Richard’s niece in Salmon Arm, BC)

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