Rothney Observatory ROAD TRIP

Friday, September 17

Rothney Observatory ROAD TRIP


5:30 pm          Departure from: Spruce Cliff Community Center

6:30 – 6:45      Arrival at Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

7:00                 Presentation by Jennifer Howse

7:45                 Sunset

8:15                 Observing, viewing and touring of telescopes, interpretive centre

9:15 pm          Outside the building observing on our own

Please be on time.  Bring very warm clothes, blankets, lawnchairs, flashlights, cameras, telescopes, snacks, dowsing tools, and whatever else you think you need.

Presentation in the Interpretive Centre by Jennifer Howse, Education Specialist at the observatory. She will be speaking on Blackfoot Astronomy and history of astronomical activity in foothills of Alberta. Then an exploration of new research, specifically searching for planets orbiting distant stars. We will then tour the telescopes and the observatory.
Weather permitting we observe the sky with the large telescopes. In the sky on this evening are Jupiter and Uranus. Program begins at 7:00 pm. sunset 7:45, observing by 8:15, waxing moon, viewing Uranus, Jupiter this includes a presentation in the interpretive centre, tour of the telescopes and observing (weather permitting).

Then for those who are brave and curious, we can hang out a bit longer and try watching out for UFO’s.  This would be a prime spot as it is dark and high on a hill. You will need to dress very warm, bring a small flashlight, your own binoculars or telescopes, lawn chair or sleeping bag, and a lot of patience as it takes time to spot a UFO!

$20.00 for non-members.  Members are FREE!

Please – if you can share your vehicle and offer someone a ride, sign in at the desk.

Information:  Call Merope   403-217-2702

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