ASTROLOGY Archetypes presented by Peggy Lynch

Calgary Dowsers

2011 –  We Declare this to be Our Year of Transformation and Awakening!

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August 10, 2011

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

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AUGUST 10th,  2011             ASTROLOGY Archetypes presented by  Peggy Lynch


Peggy will take us on a trip around the Zodiac to foster understanding of yourself and those around you.  “It’s not their fault, they came wired this way!” and yes, you are someone else’s dilemma.


Pluto- Planet or Dwarf    How does it represent transformation.


Are there really 13 signs now?


If time permits Peggy will talk about:


– Moon cycles and how we can use them in our everyday reflections.


– Her recent “work/joy” in the Mexican Yucatan, the Mayan prophesies and calendar.


Bring your questions!


I could give a dissertation here about why astrology is considered a science by some or an art by others.  But I will leave that to the many academics and skeptics to argue.  I have not to convince anyone of anything.  I only know that for me and possibly for you it is a way to get down the core of you, to have that conversation very quickly and solidly.  It is an exploration tool.


THE LANGUAGE of ASTROLOGY has many different dialects, come hear Peggy’s.!

We are all part of the larger, whether we acknowledge it or not, the earth, the water, the wind, the sky, the plants, the animals, the universe, the solar system and beyond!


Peggy is a retired Calgary Police Service Officer, who had an interest in Astrology since grade school and actually started writing Astrological articles as a young teen in the 1970’s in Montreal in a local newspaper.

Since retirement she has been a consultant using the languages of Astrology and Tarot to help people self reflect and ask themselves the right questions. When you combine her divinatory studies with her “all too human” experiences, education* and her joyfulness we have a pretty dynamic speaker.


*Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Mediation and Negotiation with the Alberta Arbitration Mediation Society (University of Calgary)

*The Art and Science of Coaching, Erickson College (Vancouver)


Put it ALL together, the Why’s of our life or as she likes to say, the WISE, of our lives.

September 14, 2011

Our Annual AGM, Election of Officers, Financial reports.   And a Surprise presentation!  Open positions are:  Secretary/Treasurer and Chairperson.  If you are interested in either of these volunteer positions please step forward.  Even though this is a yearly business meeting we will still have a presentation from 7:00 – 9:00.  Please plan to attend.

September 23 (Friday evening) – Our Annual Road Trip and we go once again to Rothney Astrophysical Observatory.  The presentation will be:

Living with a Star: What causes the ethereal, dancing Aurora Borealis? What are the effects of the bursts of charged particles that race from the sun towards earth? What will occur on earth during the upcoming high-energy solar maximum period during 2012. Learn more about the latest research by University of Calgary
scientists that focuses on the sun and its effects on the earth. In the sky on September 23rd, there is equal amounts of the daylight and darkness on the earth’s equator marking the fall equinox, also the orbit of Uranus is at its closest to earth so it will be possible to see in a dark sky.

We had such a wonderful time last year – with the above topics as our focus this trip promises to be extraordinary!  Plan to attend.  Once again – members will be given preference.

October 11, 2011 John Orr

Presenting a concert of etheric music with and ensemble of up to 40 Singing bowls.  A foremost expert in the world of Singing Bowls, John has hand selected the finest bowls over many years from collections all over Asia, Europe and North America to create his celestial orchestra.  Described as “star music” and “galactic sound” this form of ancient technology activates the senses and subtle bodies on an inner journey through time and space.  Experiences vary throughout the concert from grounding to expansive, sublime and meditative as John explores the subtle dynamics of Sacred Sound.

For this evening, paid up members of the Questers will be given first preference for tickets and we will be subsidizing a portion of the tickets as well.  Tickets will be on sale at our September meeting.  Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this visionary, shaman, sound healer, and star traveler.

November 9, 2011

Brad C Carrigan  –  Visionary author, spiritual teacher and former recording artist – shares deeper insights into humanity’s ancient journey and spiritual ascent, over the ages all though an informative book titled 2012 Enlightened. Brad shares fascinating information, that reveals radical truths about human evolution, where we’ve come from and where we’re going, and our ascent as a civilization on the brink of a “The New World Order” and global Cataclysmic changes.


December 14, 2011   Annual Potluck, Sharing and Special Movie Night.



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Location:  Spruce Cliff Community Center – 608 Poplar Road SW, Calgary, Alberta

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