You are Invited! Calgary Dowsers Potluck Dec 14, 2011

Calgary Dowsers
2011 – We Declare this to be Our Year of Transformation and Awakening!

Please Join Us!

December 14, 2011

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Mark Your Calendars!
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Annual Potluck, Sharing and Special Movie Night. This is going to be a fun evening! We are having a panel discussion! We are having food!We will be seeing a movie!Come out and participate in a wonderful opportunity to visit with each other.
Pleasereply to this email, if you are planning to attend and please let me know what food item you are bringing.This will help immensely with planning for the event.
Would someone please cook a turkey? Here is a list of food items you could consider sharing:
Potatoes– Yams – Ham – Salad – Buns – Butter – Vegetables – Meat dishes – Casseroles -Desserts
Cheeses– Pickles – Anything else you can think of.
We are having a Giveaway!Plan to bring something used to pass on to someone else.Please wrap or paper bag your giveaway so no one knows what is inside.We are doing this – for fun and to recycle, reuse, regenerate a gently used article. Costs you nothing, gives joy to someone else, and you will receive an item in return.
I repeat, please RSVP if you are planning to attend, and please let me know what type of potluck dish you will share.Thank You!
Our theme for 2012 will be JOY! FUN! HAPPINESS! CELEBRATION!
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Circles of Rhythm
We are going to welcome the New Year with a Bang! Reserve this evening – it is going to be a Blast!
Why Drumming?
Article by Judy Atkinson
Circles of Rhythm has been in business offering drum circle programs for over 14 years. In the last two we have been experiencing a marked increase in attendance, both in our Workplace and Community programs. What is going on? What is it about group drumming that is attracting so much attention?
In the past few years I have noticed that people everywhere are feeling a deepening low-grade anxiety. This seems to come from a sense of uncertainty in the midst of major change in the world. Be it economic, scientific, environmental, religions or political, the stauts quo is bring challenged and some actually collapsing. The Earth herself is erupting with an unprecedented number of volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and floods. Our personal beliefs about relationships, family, physical health issues, and religious/spiritual beliefs are being questioned and shifting. Stress is up in our financial, health, relationship and work lives.
As one of the most brilliant people on the planet today, Barbara Marks Hubbard says:
“We are moving into the golden age of humanity, birthing a New Human and a New Earth. This comes with its birthing pains.”
Along with this anxiety comes a yearning for a “safe house on the hill”; a place where you can come in from the cold to feel safe, comfortable, grounded, and welcome just as you are. Churches used to do this for people but many are turning away from the traditional religion. In today’s world there are many “monks without monasteries” looking for a meaning-full places to play, re-fuel and rest. Soul-based Drum Circles are now fulfilling this soul-need.
They are also helping people heal their tender hearts, dis-eased bodies and cluttered minds. Drumming in community with instruments from around the world acts as a metaphor for the kind of world we are evolving toward. Faith in our future is stregnthened, and our trust in life is re-custructed. People come in with anxiety, worry, fear and doubt, and walk away with release, gratitude, joy, peace and connection. Meaningful connections and lifetime friends are made. Whether it be a community of workplace workshop, the same benefits arise.
So, “Why Group Drumming?” Because drum circles are bringing people what they really need right now in this time of accelerated growth and change; A meaningful experience of unconditional love and joy, a place where good wholesome people gather to play, laugh, heal, grow and support each other.
We will continue to commit to this mission, offering our SOUL-FULL Circles of Rhythm programs! Whether in the form of:
~Weekly Drum/Meditation Circles
~Monthly Healing Circles
~Private Corporate and Social Events
~Rhythm Cafe music and magic events
We will offer as many as my team can manage in our busy schedules. This is our service to humanity and our contribution to the evolution of the planet herself at this time. We are all so blessed to be alive at this remarkable time! See you in a drum circle soon! Bless your hearts, Judy
Calgary Dowsers are booking speakers for various dates in 2012.Do you have any suggestion?Who would you like to see give a presentation?
Feel encouraged sharing and passing on this information. New members and guests are always welcome at our monthly meetings!
YOU have a website: Post articles, comments, notices, web links that you think our Calgary Dowsers community would be interested in knowing about. If you are looking for a way to link to your own website, yes, that can be done, call me for further information.
Need more information about Dowsers Calgary???
Call: Merope, Chairperson at 403-217-2702 Or email me


Location: Spruce Cliff Community Center – 608 Poplar Road SW, Calgary, Alberta
Bow Trail to the 33rd St – Spruce Drive traffic lights, then north on Spruce Drive to the Spruce Cliff Shopping Center and the Community Hall is at the SW corner.
Please bring a guest! Pass on this invitation to your friends and family. We welcome them!
Please forward this invitation to anyone who might find our group interesting!
Remember: Mark your calendars for the 2012 meetings! Always the Second Wednesday of Every Month!

Our theme for 2012 will be JOY! FUN! HAPPINESS!CELEBRATION!