Alchemy and Art – Aurelius Electrum

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February 13, 2012

6:30 – 9:00 pm

Spruce Cliff Community Centre, 608 Poplar Road SW

Calgary Dowsers


Members $10.00 Guests $13.00


Alchemy and Art


Join us for an evening exploring the rich history of Alchemy in artwork. Your host Aurelius Electrum will unveil the cryptic symbolism within various artworks throughout the ages. You will gain a deeper insight into the essence of alchemy and learn to apply this transformative process to your everyday life. Alchemy’s root go back to ancient Egypt in a magical land where there was no religion per say, the ancient Egyptians lived their daily lives immersed in their spiritual system where gods interacted with man, lived and died and were born again.


From these ancient times we will walk through history, uncovering symbols and finding meaning in our modern-day world from clues that the alchemists have left behind. Discover the alchemy of colour and the historical evolution of colour via chemistry. The practice of alchemy has birthed modern day chemistry, medicine and scientific method. Aurelius will also elaborate on medicinal legacy and have a variety of alchemicaly prepared elixirs on hand.

There will be various Elixirs, Spagyric Tinctures and Essences created by Aurelius available for sale as well.

Aurelius Electrum is an eclectic researcher and educator from Calgary who has spent most of his life studying various forms of esoteric knowledge and phenomena including Alchemy and Sacred Geometry. He has taken a multidisciplinary approach to life and has developed a knowledge-base in a wide area of studies including Herbalism, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, Alternative Energy Systems, Electronics, Chemistry, Plasma Physics, Archaeoastronomy, Esoteric Philosophy and Religion. Aurelius has found this diversity necessary in understanding the fundamental principles behind the workings of nature and spirit. He has taught courses on practical alchemy and the applications of these systems for the past 13 years.

To listen to a radio interview with Aurelius on the Healing Aspects of Alchemy.


Aurelius will also be teaching two practical alchemy courses on the 16th and 17th and on the 23rd and 24th, the following weekends after the Dowsers talk. Contact for more info.




March 13, 2012  Medicinal Mushrooms


Join Denis Manzer from the Light Cellar as he will share knowledge exploring the wondrous medicinal benefits of consuming mushrooms! We will delve deeply into the traditional lore and beliefs of the healing qualities of mushrooms, as well as their preparation. We will also cover many new and exciting discoveries of modern science that are astounding!


You will also learn that a great many of these medicinal mushrooms grow plentifully all around our area! A great many specimens will be on display to help with identifying them! If all goes well a tasty tea of local polypores will be served up too!


Malcolm Saunders

Superfood Chef, Educator and Raw Chocolate Maker

Supplier of the Highest Quality Raw Organic Bulk Foods
(403) 453 1343


April 10, 2013  Frank Jordan

A Master Dowser, Psychic Intuitive Physicist, Empathic, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Healer, Earth Energy Master, Inventor, Teacher and Writer.

 He was on the American Society of Dowsers Board of trustees for five years, and has conducted healing and dowsing seminars in the USA and Canada for 25 years. He is a Subtle Energy Master with the ability to change most physical, mental, and emotional conditions. He is one of the foremost healers on the planet, as demonstrated in sessions this past November here in Calgary.  Frank has agreed to offer another workshop on April 13 & 14.  He is naming this April workshop Transitional Crystal Led Light Therapy

And once again Frank will be offering group healing sessions.  To register for either the Workshop or the Healing sessions, please contact Merope to arrange times and payment.  Frank ended our last conversation with the words “Remember, your purpose for experiencing this lifetime is to master and release the 3rd dimension so you can move into the 4th dimension”.  I’m IN – Are you?





I still have openings for speakers and presenters for 2013.  If there is someone you want to recommend, please let me know as soon as possible, so they can be contracted for a specific date.   Over the past five years, many wonderful presentations have taken place.  Is there anyone who You might like to hear once again?  If so, call me and make a request.


In the last newsletter I wrote the following:  “On my trip to Peru in December, I encountered the most amazing and effective Shamanic Healer I have ever met.  His healing session on me was truly effective and in fact I am still very much enjoying the results of his work.  The Shaman has agreed to come here in July provided his expenses and all the governmental paperwork are done by me.  Before I make such a commitment, I need to know if anyone is interested.   I am wild guessing here, but I think a weekend workshop/group healing could be done for around $350.00 per person.  Are any of you interested?  Please let me know”.

After much soul searching, contemplating and some preliminary number crunching, I am not going to be able to bring in the Shaman.  The time it will take to organize, the risk financially, because I will have to put up all of the $$$ regarding space, advertising, guarantees, flight money and hotel, also I don’t trust our own government, they are so heavily red-tape and bureaucracy and at any second some little pee-on in the process can put the denial to everything subject to appeal. I really don’t know if the stress is worth it for me. Yeah that sounds really selfish but I am being totally realistic. Still thinking, but it doesn’t seem like I will take the chance at this point.  Maybe next year!  Sorry I dangled the prospect of hosting such a magnificent healer, but it just can’t done this year.  I also want to thank those wonderful people who did volunteer to help me, your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!




Mark Your Calendars! We always meet on the Second Wednesday of every Month!  There is a very exciting line-up of speakers and presentations in 2013.  Look forward to learning, experiencing and practical dowsing. 

Feel encouraged sharing and passing on this information. New members and guests are always welcome at our monthly meetings!

YOU have a website: Post articles, comments, notices, web links that you think our Calgary Dowsers community would be interested in knowing about. If you are looking for a way to link to your own website, yes, that can be done, call me for further information.

Need more information about Dowsers Calgary???

Call: Merope, Chairperson at 403-217-2702 or email me


Location: Spruce Cliff Community Center – 608 Poplar Road SW, Calgary, Alberta

Bow Trail to the 33rd St – Spruce Drive traffic lights, then north on Spruce Drive to the Spruce Cliff Shopping Center and the Community Hall is at the SW corner.

Please bring a guest!  Pass on this invitation to your friends and family. We welcome them!

Remember:  We meet Always the Second Wednesday of Every Month!

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Our theme for 2013 is:

Intention (World Peace) + Visualization (World Peace) = Creation of World Peace!




We are still the best deal in the City.  We offer you informed and effective speakers, opportunity to practice your dowsing, opportunity to learn dowsing, opportunity to visit with and discuss dowsing with fellow dowsers.  Discounts on national Questers Dowsing conferences.  At our monthly meetings you have the opportunity to express yourself and hear the latest information on a wide and diverse variety of esoteric topics.  We don’t only talk about Dowsing, but recognize that when we are working with the universal laws we are dealing with many diverse subjects.  We offer refreshments and snacks, which is included in your admission price.   We are a group of energetically powerful people who practice and support others who practice the healing arts, we are a group of people who enjoy the opportunity to get together monthly and who are sharing in the cost of doing so.   We are a group of people with whom you can discuss all matter of “different” topics, which are usually not spoken about in regular circles.  We are a group of people with whom you can share your experiences in the adventurous world of the divine.   To us it is all OK.   Calgary Dowsers is worthwhile for a very small investment of time and money which yields you a large return.  Come out and join us!   You will be welcomed.

Please plan to attend and assist in the ongoing success of this wonderful group of energetically powerful people.   Even if you are not a member (yet) you are very welcome to attend!


I am updating the mailing list. If you wish to be removed from this newsletter please respond with Remove in the subject line. Thanks!

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