Frank Jordan Master Dowser : April 12

Frank Jordan

Master Dowser, Psychic Intuitive Physicist,Empathic, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Healer, Earth Energy Master, Inventor, Teacher and Writer

Frank was on the American Society of Dowsers Board of trustees for five years, and has conducted healing and dowsing seminars in the USA and Canada for 25 years. He is a Subtle Energy Master with the ability to change most physical, mental, and emotional conditions. He is one of the foremost healers on the planet, as demonstrated in sessions this past November here in Calgary.Frank has agreed to offer a one day workshop on Saturday, April 13.This April workshop will offer new information on Transitional Crystal Led Light Therapy.

Frank will also be offering individual and group healing sessions, which were so popular and effective for many people in November.To register for either the Workshop or the Healing sessions, please contact Merope (403-217-2702) to arrange times and payment. There is limited space, so please register early via telephone or email or at the meeting on April 10.Please don’t miss out on this rare opportunity for learning and experiencing from an accomplished and effective dowser with proven capabilities.

Frank ended our last conversation with the words “Remember, your purpose for experiencing this lifetime is to master and release the 3rddimension so you can move into the 4th dimension”.I’m IN – Are you?


by Frank Jordan and Joan Hite

A Special Workshop on the Transition will be held in association with the Calgary Dowsers Saturday, April 13th from 9 AM to 4 PM during which Frank will explain the energetics of the dimensional shift and what is happening, and give understanding of how to use dowsing and other tools to aid your transition. Special meditations will take you into the 4th Dimension, and enhance your healing and psychic abilities.

The 4thdimension is a time/space continuum where we have conscious awareness of How Things Work. How can you do it?We move upward progressively through 12 octaves of consciousness in the 3rd Dimension by self-examination, releasing old patterns and forms, and learning to make right-choice in the principals of Dominion. We are earning the right to remember that we are individualized expressions of God, and we are returning to God Awareness. You will be taught and guided on HOW to DO this!

Frank Jordan, Master Dowser, Healer and Teacher, has evolved through the levels and into the 5th Dimension. He is conducting workshops throughout the USA and Canada teaching people understanding of how to do Self-Clearing to rise through the levels of consciousness. He is inspiring thousands around the world in meditations and talk show appearances on interactive radio programs. To hear him and share the energy, go to and listen to the archives of his shows, or participate in live shows Sunday 6 PM MST, and world Earth Healing meditations Wed. and Sat. at 10 AM MST.

Bring your favorite crystals. Joan Hite, The Crystal Lady, will demonstrate new techniques for using crystals in meditation, pyramid energy, healing, Clearing, and using new technology in Crystal light Therapy.

COST: $90.00 ($80.00 for past attendees of the Nov. workshop)

Individual and Group Healing Sessions will be on Thursday, April 11; Friday, April 12; Sunday, April 14; Monday, April 15; and Tuesday, April 16.Cost: Individual Session:$100.00 Group Session: $75.00 See attached schedule for available times.

Contact Merope for workshop registration or healing time reservations, or telephone 403-217-2702.There are a limited number of spaces, so be sure to get yourself booked early.

You do not have to be a member of Calgary Dowsers to attend these sessions, Guests are most welcome !!!!

Summer Pot Luck: June 12

June 12, 2013

Summer Pot Luck calendaricon3 copyand Let’s Talk and practice Dowsing

I still have openings for speakers and presenters for 2013.If there is someone you want to recommend, please let me know as soon as possible, so they can be contracted for a specific date. Over the past five years, many wonderful presentations have taken place.Is there anyone who You might like to hear once again? If so, call me and make a request.

Soul and a Bowl: May 8

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May 8, 2013

Soul and a Bowl: Explore the High Vibrational Sounds of Singing Crystal Bowls – Sharon Carne

Sound is vibrational energy that affects how matter itself vibrates. It is a physical energy and one of the most powerful healing and transformational tools humanity has. Quartz is the second most plentiful mineral on this planet. It has been shown to contain qualities of amplification, storage, transfer, and transformation. Combine sound with quartz and magic happens.

Sharon Carne has been a musician and teacher all her life and a student on the path of evolving consciousness for over 40 years. These two paths have merged into the visionary work of Sound Wellness – bringing the ancient and modern power of sound and music to a deeper awareness and practical everyday use for these challenging times we live in. Her workshops help people with tangible experience in how sound and music reduces stress, deepen meditation, assist emotional release, enhance focus and concentration and ease the symptoms of illness and disease. Sharon is the author of Listen from the Inside Out, has produced and recorded several CDs, solo and with others. She is invited to speak about sound therapy to a wide variety of corporate and private audiences, many within the medical community.