Soul and a Bowl: May 8

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May 8, 2013

Soul and a Bowl: Explore the High Vibrational Sounds of Singing Crystal Bowls – Sharon Carne

Sound is vibrational energy that affects how matter itself vibrates. It is a physical energy and one of the most powerful healing and transformational tools humanity has. Quartz is the second most plentiful mineral on this planet. It has been shown to contain qualities of amplification, storage, transfer, and transformation. Combine sound with quartz and magic happens.

Sharon Carne has been a musician and teacher all her life and a student on the path of evolving consciousness for over 40 years. These two paths have merged into the visionary work of Sound Wellness – bringing the ancient and modern power of sound and music to a deeper awareness and practical everyday use for these challenging times we live in. Her workshops help people with tangible experience in how sound and music reduces stress, deepen meditation, assist emotional release, enhance focus and concentration and ease the symptoms of illness and disease. Sharon is the author of Listen from the Inside Out, has produced and recorded several CDs, solo and with others. She is invited to speak about sound therapy to a wide variety of corporate and private audiences, many within the medical community.


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