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September 11, 2013

 6:30 – 9:00 pm

 Spruce Cliff Community Centre, 608 Poplar Road SW

Members $10.00 Guests $13.00

Crystals – Roger Joyeaux

Roger Joyeux has been a Quester for a number of years and a Calgarian since 2002.  You may remember his presentation to the Calgary Questers of his first two books in 2010.  Besides The Story of Light, volumes one and two, Roger has written The Crystal Textbook, which is the subject of the presentation on the 11th of September.  Roger has worked with crystals since 1990, conducting numerous workshops over the years.  His approach to crystals signals the next generation of knowledge and goes well beyond the understanding that currently pervades the wisdom about crystals.  Crystals are highly specialized and many myths exist that can lead to a distorted view of how they work.  Roger’s knowledge about crystals challenges the depths of understanding, and while complex at times, brings clarity to the way crystals work with the light, the subtle bodies, the etherics, the consciousness, and the vibrations of the higher dimensions.   Combined with the mastery of the light that went into creating The Story of Light, Roger’s expose of crystals is sure to capture your interest.  Roger will have his books available for purchase as well as some very special and unique crystals.  Roger’s website:     Please plan to attend, and bring you friends!




September 27 – 28, 2013 

 Canadian Society of Questers 34th Annual Conference Salmon Arm, B.C.  “Embracing Change”

There is an amazing line-up of presenters:  Divine Wizardry with Joey Korn: Beyond The Four Agreements with Gary van Warmerdam; The Journey to Clarity with Joy Thompson; Future Scenarios with Robert Nichol; Transform Together with Suki Fox; In the Shade with Susan Mann; The Power of Creating in a Time of Shift and Change with Ron Laplace.   Go to   to register and for more details.   (I have room for one passenger if you want to go).

October 9, 2013

A representative from The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory will come and speak to us about the following:  “Getting ready for Comet ISON”

The official announcement of a new comet discovery of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) showed this comet, that is currently beyond  the orbit of Jupiter, would spend the next 13 months moving towards a near miss of the Sun in November of 2013. The current orbital calculations indicate it will come to within 2 million kilometers of the Sun (about 8 times the distance from earth to our moon) and then if it survives this passage will pass around to about half the distance between earth and the sun.  This presentation will be closely followed by:

 October 11,  Rothney Observatory, Priddis Road Trip

Night viewing at the Observatory.  With luck it will be clear night and we will once again have the use of the large telescopes at the Observatory to view the Comet and other fascinating objects in our Cosmos.

November 13, 2013

Report by attendees of the Salmon Arm Questers Conference

December 11, 2013

Annual Seasonal Potluck Dinner and Sharing

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