Deb McCullough – ThetaHealing® Master Instructor, THInK – ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®

Calgary Dowsers

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January 8, 2014

6:30 – 7:00 We begin each meeting with a mini-dowsing class or group discussion on current thoughts and esoteric information. As always your input is welcomed.
7:00 – 9:00 pm  Our guest presenter is:
Deb McCullough
ThetaHealing® Master Instructor, THInK – ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®
call 403-619-8809
The shape and direction your life takes depends on your beliefs and perceptions about yourself and life. ThetaHealing® is a simple, effective technique best known for it’s methods to uncover the beliefs that generate the limitations in our lives, and bodies and transform them. Instantly. We made up many beliefs often based in our survival instincts, many when you were a small child, and store them in the subconscious where they became part of your “plan of existence”.  You’ve inherited beliefs from your parents, culture, your ancestors and from the group consciousness such as “life is hard”. We have lots of sayings around that – “you must work hard to succeed”, “life is a struggle”. What if you could change that thought and that program was no longer running – really? Then how would life be?
Deb has a Master Instructor certification in ThetaHealing® as well as is an Instructor and Practitioner of Healing Touch, an intuitive reader and teacher as well teaches workshops throughout Canada in ThetaHealing® along with manifesting, meditation and bringing spirit into action in your life. When she retired from banking 8 years ago, she started her practice in Calgary working with several facilities including several years with an integrative family medical practice.
January 8, 2014                      Deb McCullough  ThetaHealing®
February 12, 2014                   Judy Armstrong, Healing each other with Drums, Voice and Gentle Touch.  Limited space.  Pre-registration is required! 
March 12, 2014
April 9, 2014
May 14, 2014
June 11, 2014
July 9, 2014
August 13, 2014
September 10, 2014
October 8, 2014
November 12, 2014
December 10, 2012
I am now booking speakers for the above dates.  Your suggestions and input would be most welcome!  The goal is to make this the best year yet for hosting informative, effective and well-spoken teachers, information sharers, new way thinkers, and cutting edge creative speakers. They will help us to experience a paradigm shift in 2014 and beyond!  You can also look forward to learning, experiencing and integrating practical dowsing into your daily life.
Good news!  Our coffee break service is being revived!!  Much Thanks to Lori.  She has volunteered to do the monthly coffee and goodies.  Please, help her to prepare and clean up if you can.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Lori, you are earning Karma credits!  Thank you so Much from us all!
Speaking of volunteering, If possible please arrive early at 6:15 to help set up the chairs and tables, you too can earn Karma points!  Thanks!
Feel encouraged to share and pass on this information. New members and guests are always welcome at our monthly meetings!Need more information about Dowsers Calgary???
Call: Merope, Chairperson at 403-217-2702
or email

Location: Spruce Cliff Community Center –
608 Poplar Road SW, Calgary, Alberta
Bow Trail to the 33rd St – Spruce Drive traffic lights, then north on Spruce Drive to the Spruce Cliff Shopping Center
and the Community Hall is at the SW corner.Please bring a guest! Pass on this invitation to your friends and family. We welcome them!

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Guests are most welcome !!!!

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