Meeting Notice: Detlef Joe Friede on Feb 11

Calgary Dowsers

2015 – We Declare this to be Our Year of Self-Discovery! Self-Power! Self-Education! Awareness!

Please Join Us!

Wednesday,  February 11, 2015

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm


Guests: $13.00   Members: $10.00

Includes Refreshments and snacks!

Dowsing Lesson and Practice, Making Connections, Taking care of Business from 6:30 – 7:00 pm


Speaker Presentation 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Detlef Joe Friede
The Ancient Art of Hypnosis and Energy Healing is one of the most fascinating fields of study within today’s available healing modalities. No other field is as controversial, based on significant successes and simultaneous abuse through subliminal marketing techniques within this field. The state of Trance is one of the most abused/ misused marketing tools in today’s world.
Detlef Joe Friede will be able to  de-mystify the entire topic of the Art of Hypnosis and Energy Healing within part one of his presentation  (first half) and will display in a hands on demonstration, what can be facilitated in just 45 minutes (second half of meeting):
– a complete life regression (including possible PTSD and other issues), removing all stored negative energies and emotions out of a human system
– a past life regression
– a life between lives session
– a future regression (time bending)
– a complete entity removal (in case the volunteer played with a Ouija Board and stored external third party energies)
– opportunity to include non smoking or weight loss
in short…. a possible life changing event for the participating volunteer, which will be selected that evening…. facilitated in less then an hour….hands on …. in public…. the real deal….
BIO -Detlef -Joe- Friede (MCH), is a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as a gifted & guided quantum healing practitioner including CCMBA & Ho’ Oponopono, Past life regression, life between lives, future life regression, Reiki, NLP, EFT, TAT, Axiatonal Alignment Procedures, with stunning and thrilling experiences about spiritual pathways and “Miracle” healing.


He studied for many Years with world renowned  Dr. Sharon Forrest and Christine Kollofrath as well as late Canadian Hypnosis Icon Diana B. Cherry, and many others. He was able to help thousands of people over the Years, including victims of MKUltra and WAR related traumas  as well as RCMP, EMS, Firefighters and other Service personal. One of his many specialties is energetic surgery for PTSD removal or clinical depossession issues (i.e. site effects of playing the “Ouija board”).

Besides having those gifts and abilities as well as serious track records as a hypnosis facilitator or teacher, on “earthly” professional level, Detlef as an Art teacher of this kind, is President for Canadian Hypnotherapist and Founder of “Oceanside Art of Hypnosis and Energy Healing Education Centre”.
He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Martial Arts (Ju Jutsu) including 25+ successful Years in coaching as well as many achievements as a professional trumpet player/musician/ recording artist and experienced business man and retired first responding BC Fire Fighter.
Effective October 2013. he signed a contract with Ruth Kuhlen’s!hypnotherapy/cpqc

and is available for sessions here in Calgary through the clinic.


Calgary Dowsers are booking speakers for various dates in 2015.  Do you have any suggestion?  Who would you like to see give a presentation?

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Call:  Merope, Chairperson at 403-217-2702 Or email me


Location:  Spruce Cliff Community Center – 608 Poplar Road SW, Calgary, Alberta

Bow Trail to the 33rd St – Spruce Drive traffic lights, then north on Spruce Drive to the Spruce Cliff Shopping Center and the Community Hall is at the SW corner.

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Calgary Dowsers – Statement of Purpose


Our theme for 2015 is:

Self-Discovery! Self-Power! Self-Education! Awareness!


We are still the best deal in the City. We offer you informed and effective speakers, opportunity to practice your dowsing, opportunity to learn dowsing, opportunity to visit with and discuss dowsing with fellow dowsers. Discounts on national Questers Dowsing conferences. At our monthly meetings you have the opportunity to express yourself and hear the latest information on a wide and diverse variety of esoteric topics. We don’t only talk about Dowsing, but recognize that when we are working with the universal laws we are dealing with many diverse subjects. We are a group of energetically powerful people who practice and support others who practice the healing arts, we are a group of people who enjoy the opportunity to get together monthly and who are sharing in the cost of doing so. We are a group of people with whom you can discuss all matter of “different” topics, which are usually not spoken about in regular circles. We are a group of people with whom you can share your experiences in the adventurous world of the divine. To us it is all OK. Calgary Dowsers is worthwhile for a very small investment of time and money which yields you a large return. Come out and join us! You will be welcomed.

Please plan to attend and assist in the ongoing success of this wonderful group of energetically powerful people. Even if you are not a member (yet) you are very welcome to attend!



Self-Discovery! Self-Power! Self-Education! Awareness!

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