May 13 – Doreen Spence – Traditional Native Teachings (TNT)

Calgary Dowsers

2015 – We Declare this to be Our Year of Self-Discovery! Self-Power! Self-Education! Awareness!

Please Join Us!

Wednesday,  May 13, 2015

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm


Guests: $13.00   Members: $10.00

Includes Refreshments and snacks!


Dowsing Lesson and Practice, Making Connections, Taking care of Business from 6:30 – 7:00 pm


Speaker Presentation: 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

May 13Doreen Spence will present – Traditional Native Teachings (TNT) : which includes an introduction into the natural world and the natural laws. She will introduce participants to the Medicine wheel and talk about how we fit into the natural word. Doreen will also talk about Sacred ceremonies, symbols, and teachings such as our totem animals. This speaks to our interconnectedness of all that exists. One should leave this mini workshop knowing more about themselves and their relationship with the universe.

Mark Your Calendars! Terrific Speakers coming up!

June 10 – Annual Western Pot Luck visit and sharing of videos from Contact in the Desert 2015 This meeting also marks our first meeting in our new location. See end of this email for announcement.

July 8Dr. Sharon Forrest “Life Transformer” is the best way to describe her. Mischievously humorous, Sharon’s loving, charismatic nature and Story Telling talents have endeared her to thousands worldwide. She offers an extensive background in naturopathic and energy medicine, spiritual psychology, clinical hypnotherapy and ancient wisdom. Surviving phenomenal “personal growth and three near-death experiences” attest to this healer’s inner strength as well as to her quest for understanding this planet’s daily University of Life! A knowledgeable hands-onhealer/medical intuitive since early childhood, Sharon, now in her 70s, has the gift of enthusiastically blending spirituality, science and healing with love and laughter.

Listen to Dr. Sharon’s amazing stories of ‘Above and beyond Sacred Journeys to Peru’ in this 2-hour presentation – you’ll be in awe at how she discovered the Interdimensional Doorway at Arama Muru, the circles within circles of Moray, Vilkabamba, Sipascanchalta, Wiraquocha and other of-the- beaten-track Sacred Sites. Discover how Dr. Sharon’s learned to stop water midway in fountains, was able to truly manifest all of her needs at the last hour and how amazing things

happened in 1992 causing her to open her programs for the ‘Street” and severely deprived children in the High Andes of Peru. Healings on many levels invariably happen during her talks.

Dr. Sharon Forrest, Healthways International Enlightened Humanitarians, 14586 17th Ave., Surrey, B.C. V4A 5S2

(604) 239.HEAL (4325) (604) 385.1111,,,

“Peace, to have meaning for many who have only known suffering in both peace and war, must be translated into food, shelter, health, nurturing, empowerment and education, as well as freedom and human dignity.”
“By transforming the Lives of Children you make a difference in the World and a positive investment in the future. We are nurturing, educating, empowering and inspiring underprivileged children to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world.”



August 12 – Donna Korchinski

As a longstanding Dowser, Pranic Healer and member of a healing community called Healers Who Share ( I propose to conduct a demonstration on how I would use my pendulum to scan all the organs and systems of the body to determine the rate of vibration in each, and thereby pinpoint various low energies and blockages. I could also suggest to members how they could use their scanning abilities to scan the body for deficiencies. Using this method I have been able to help many people overcome common illnesses, including persistent chronic conditions. I am an experienced public speaker and communicator. I spent many years in radio and television as an on-air journalist and have used many opportunities to share my experience and knowledge with the public. I have audio and video presentations on my website as a sample of my work. ( 403-230-1442 office 403-829-1442 cell

Calgary Dowsers are booking speakers for September, October and November in 2015.  Do you have any suggestion?  Who would you like to see give a presentation?

Feel encouraged to share and pass on this information.  New members and guests are always welcome at our monthly meetings!

YOU have a website:    Post articles, comments, notices, web links that you think our Calgary Dowsers community would be interested in knowing about.  If you are looking for a way to link to your own website, yes, that can be done, call me for further information.

Need more information about Dowsers Calgary???  Call:  Merope, Chairperson at 403-217-2702 Or email me


Location:  Spruce Cliff Community Center – 608 Poplar Road SW, Calgary, Alberta (Last meeting at this location)

Bow Trail to the 33rd St – Spruce Drive traffic lights, then north on Spruce Drive to the Spruce Cliff Shopping Center and the Community Hall is at the SW corner.

Please bring a guest!  Pass on this invitation to your friends and family.   We welcome them and they just might find our group very interesting!

If you wish to be removed from this contact list – reply with Remove in the subject line.  Thanks!


Calgary Dowsers – Statement of Purpose


Our theme for 2015 is:

Self-Discovery! Self-Power! Self-Education! Awareness!


We are still the best deal in the City. We offer you informed and effective speakers, opportunity to practice your dowsing, opportunity to learn dowsing, opportunity to visit with and discuss dowsing with fellow dowsers. Discounts on national Questers Dowsing conferences. At our monthly meetings you have the opportunity to express yourself and hear the latest information on a wide and diverse variety of esoteric topics. We don’t only talk about Dowsing, but recognize that when we are working with the universal laws we are dealing with many diverse subjects. We are a group of energetically powerful people who practice and support others who practice the healing arts, we are a group of people who enjoy the opportunity to get together monthly and who are sharing in the cost of doing so. We are a group of people with whom you can discuss all matter of “different” topics, which are usually not spoken about in regular circles. We are a group of people with whom you can share your experiences in the adventurous world of the divine. To us it is all OK. Calgary Dowsers is worthwhile for a very small investment of time and money which yields you a large return. Come out and join us! You will be welcomed.

Please plan to attend and assist in the ongoing success of this wonderful group of energetically powerful people. Even if you are not a member (yet) you are very welcome to attend!

Self-Discovery! Self-Power! Self-Education! Awareness!


Announcement of New Location     NOTE: Effective on June 10


Our present location is under-going a major change. There will be a new building built in the Fall and we have been given notice to vacate. Effective June 10, 2015 we be relocating to Capital Hill Community Association located at 1531-21 Avenue NW. Easy location to find and just off 14st NW. More on this in the next newsletter!

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