Martha Birkett of the Amaryllis Centre for Healin

We are so fortunate to have Martha Birkett of the Amaryllis Centre for Healing bring her Healing Crystal Sound Bath to Calgary Dowsers! Please be prepared to go into meditation. Bring a pillow, blanket and some of you may even want to lie on the floor to fully experience this wonderful Sound Bath. Martha will first explain the how, why, of a crystal sound experience and she will then take us on a healing crystal bowl journey. Crystal Singing Bowls that will fill your senses with healing sounds, colours and textures, creating a peaceful space in which to relax, rejuvenate and heal the mind, body and spirit. Martha will bring a small selection of speciality items for sale, so please be prepared if you are interested in purchasing. Feel at one with nature, and capture the tranquility and benefits that will be yours with Amaryllis Crystal Garden Sound Bath.

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