“Drumming up Connection”

Drumming up ConnectionThis month we are featuring:

“Drumming up Connection”
Experience the Unifying and Incredible power of the Community Drum Circle

Peaceful ~ Energizing ~ Profound

Workshop Description

This workshop will give you a hands-on experience, the Community Drum Circle.  We will meet in a circle, learn to play drums from around the world, and experience several connecting techniques, all based on scientific research and 20 years of trial and error.  Experience a Stress Release Round, the Rhythm Cradle, a Heartbeat Meditation and more. The energy of the drums will be so energizing and powerful, connecting you to source and one another in a way that cannot be described with words. Your facilitator will be a professional Drum Circle Facilitator who is passionate about the power of Drum Circles for health and wellness, spiritual connection and JOY.  Through Circles of Rhythm, thousands of people across Canada have now have received the benefits of drumming up wellness.

Come experience it for yourself!

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