Starting Over at 60 – How Walking the Camino de Santiago Changed my Life Ariana Rose Brackenbury

November 9 Starting Over at 60 – How Walking the Camino de Santiago Changed my Life
Ariana Rose Brackenbury International Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Mentor, Camino Coach and Spiritual Guide

In 2011 at the age of 60 Ariana found herself at ground zero following an intense journey with multiple major loses in her life. She wasn’t just at a crossroads – at the lowest point in her life. She would have been grateful for that much direction. She found herself in a place where she had no capacity to even process what was happening to her, let alone what was possible for her. She was absolutely and completely lost.

Against all odds and letting go of logic and reason she took the trip of a lifetime – a 100 day spiritual journey backpacking around the world– including walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain.  It was a profound experience with many insights into her life. She could not have known how profoundly that decision would change her life.

Since then she have been back to the Camino 6 times. Each time there is a different energy and different lessons. She will be sharing some of the powerful breakthroughs she has experienced. She will also share about the Camino, its history and how hitting the pause button on your life and going on a spiritual pilgrimage can result in deep healing. There will an opportunity for questions and answers.
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