January 2020 Presentations: Cindi Johnston & Greg Webb

January 2020
Start The New Decade off Right!

Join us January 8th, 2020 for two AMAZING guest speakers that are going to share a wealth of knowledge that can help YOU on your healing journey, and raise the vibration of the collective consciousness!

Meet our opening speaker: Cindi Johnston

Cindi will be giving a short presentation to start off this January’s meeting. She will discuss the “Human Communication Field” presented in her latest book Shifting Timelines.
Our personal fields interact with EARTH GRIDS that have been absorbing thought and emotion since the start of time. We are moving into a new age, and the EARTH GRIDS and our own COMMUNICATION FIELD requires a “house clearing” before we can intimately connect with the light-filled grids that our planet is now interacting with through cosmic upgrades. Bring your pendulum and let’s do some clearing together.

No previous dowsing experience necessary just a willingness to be present. 
With 18 years of extensive training and experience with Shamanic tradition, Cindi has sat with spiritual leaders in Peru, Mexico and other Indigenous communities who have shared their wisdom with her.  Those spiritual leaders have invited her to be their voice in sharing ancient teachings with the modern world. 

Cindi Johnston is a Canadian thought leader, educator, and author who teaches Earth based alchemical practices. She is the author of the book: Shifting timelines: Co-Create an Extraordinary Life

*For more information on Cindi and her book please visit her website at: 
Cindi will also have her book available at the January meeting for purchase.

*You can also connect with Cindi on facebook below: https://www.facebook.com/timelessness.ca/

Meet our Main speaker: Greg Webb

 Ever wish your body could tell you what it needs to optimize your health?

Discover your body’s wisdom and open the doorway to healing on physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, and energetic levels.
Your body knows exactly what you need to get back into balance!

Greg Webb has been a registered massage therapist for over 29 years, and a Touch For Health Instructor for 26 years. Greg has over 100 certificates of training in massage therapy and muscle monitoring health sciences. Greg is a masterful clinician who is sought for and successful with tricky and common health challenges. Greg is very passionate and dedicated toward helping his clients heal. He puts his heart and energy into everyone he works with and has confidence in working with a full range of conditions with people from all walks of life.

Even conditions such as:

 *Nerve pain
*Joint and spinal health issues
*Bursa discomfort
*Eye and vision health
*Soft Tissue Pain and Mobility
*Improved Vitality and Energy
*A broad range of digestive issues
*Infant Gastric and sleep Issues (new parents are very grateful for this)
*Neurological development issues with children and infants
*Learning and behavior Spectrum Challenges
*Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Join us on January 8, 2020 for Greg’s presentation on applications of muscle testing as a bio-feedback tool. Including a 1 hour class specific to teaching the group how to muscle test food and supplements. (Please bring along a few items from home that you would like to learn to muscle test) 
Muscle Testing as a bio feedback tool has COUNTLESS applications and is being used to make breakthroughs in health sciences and our understandings of energy medicine.

This presentation will serve as an introduction to this world of discovery as well as learning how to personalize your nutrient intake for Your Body, vs. book or internet recommendations

Greg has also been dowsing for many many years, and will also show us the similarities of muscle testing vs. dowsing.

Aside from Greg’s busy healing practice, he is also a member of the National Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Bio-Energetic Wellness since 1998 (www.canbewell.org) , 1 of 2 Provincial Examiners for Touch for Health Students. and a co-author of the recently released book: Heal: You have the Power

*For more information on this book and how to purchase, please visit:

*For more information about Greg and scheduling an appointment, please visit his website at: 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

*Cindi Johnston: Clearing the energy grids
*Greg Webb: Applications of Muscle testing 

Inglewood Community Hall
1740 – 24 Avenue SE.

6:30 pm – 9:00pm Guests:  $13.00  Members:  $10.00(Please bring a few items from home to muscle test for, and your pendulum.)

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