Belief Re-patterning: With Suze Casey

Join us Wednesday, September 9th at 6:30pm (MDT) ON ZOOM,
For a presentation on Belief Re-patterning by Suze Casey.

Suze will explain how we can change the beliefs that hold us back, how to release what limits us, and finally how to create new beliefs that enable us to realize our full potential, in business and in life using the technique she pioneered called Belief Re-patterning®.

Applying this to organizations, you will discover a new level of synergy when the cultural paradigms of your organization begin to flow, and the energy of all members of the team begin to work harmoniously.

Suze Casey is the developer of the Belief Re- patterning® technique, author, entrepreneur and co-founder of Learn it-LIVE IT! Transformational Seminars Inc, Suze’s MEd. is in
Learning Styles and Curriculum Development from the University of
Calgary. An educator for 20 years and author of Belief Re-patterning: The
Amazing Technique for Flipping the Switch to Positive Thoughts (Hay House 2012), Suze delights in working collaboratively with clients to develop positive belief structures that support them in creating what they deserve and desire. Suze Casey is a dynamic, informative, and engaging presenter. She is committed to empowering others, travelling extensively sharing her message.

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Our minds are so powerful, we are constantly creating our own realities. We consciously create as well as subconsciously through our beliefs. Beliefs are mostly subconscious and are a result of past experiences, learned behaviors, attitudes and habits.

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