December 2020 – Universal Sphere

With Elizabeth Macarthur

December is nearly here, and we have another great guest speaker lined up for our December 9th meeting via ZOOM

The Meeting is from 6:30-8:30pm MDT.

This Meeting is free of charge. Please share this meeting with all your friends and family. All are welcome!

Topic:  Universal Sphere® and Solution Energy
With Elizabeth Macarthur

Elizabeth Macarthur, Universal Sphere® Instructor / Practitioner, will be sharing information with regard to how the Universal Sphere® (a 21st Century energy tool) and Solution Energy can work together to create results that seem like magic or miracles.  Elizabeth will also be doing a group Universal Sphere® where you will be able to direct Solution Energy to any situation of your own to create a shift or change.  There will also be time for questions. 

Universal Sphere® – What is it?

The Universal Sphere® is a simple and effective energetic tool that can help you to connect more solidly with the perfection of the Universal Energies, those higher vibrational energies that are available throughout the Universe called the ‘Perfect Universal Resonance’.

The Universal Sphere® supports you in breaking through the constraints and limitations of your 3D mind in your thinking and beliefs allowing for more ease and flow to navigate life’s challenges.  This then supports you in opening up to and allowing more of the higher vibrational solutions that exist beyond your current 3D field to finally show up!  With these new higher solutions now readily available to you, you can create outcomes and resolutions for your current situations or challenges that you never thought were possible.  With this comes more happiness, more peace, more ease and flow, a life of greater balance, enthusiasm, love, connectedness… all those things you may be currently seeking to improve upon in your life.    

The Universal Sphere® supports you to embody your inherent connection into Source Energy that you are entitled to.  Now is the time to start up-leveling your connection to your Divine Vibratory Field.

Bio: Elizabeth Macarthur

Award winning Coach, Instructor and International Best-Selling Author, Elizabeth Macarthur was enjoying a successful career in the legal profession when her personal quest for self-growth and life mastery inspired her to make a momentous change.

Working with some of the top experts in the field, Elizabeth amassed credentials as a Universal Sphere® Instructor and Practitioner, Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner and Akashic Records Healing Practitioner, Radical Living Master Coach (specializing in Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness), and Angel Therapy Practitioner ®, as well as receiving credentials in Reiki, energy work, and past life healing and regression.

Elizabeth Macarthur has years of experience working with energy modalities including her newest addition of the Universal Sphere®. Elizabeth has always enjoyed working with concepts “radically” different from mainstream like the Universal Sphere®, Akashic Records and Radical Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness. 

Universal Sphere® Practitioner Certification Workshop
December 11th/12th, 2020

       Friday evening – 6:30 to 10:00 p.m. MST 
Saturday – 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. MST
   Last chance for 2020 pricing – $174.44

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What an amazing turnout we had at our new location! We had 30 people at the hall. 

Thank you to all those who were able to make it out, and much love and gratitude goes out to all those who couldn’t make it for various reasons.
Tarons presentation was captivating and a great introduction into managing your energy. 

Much gratitude goes out to Taron and his assistants, Richard, Joy, Shelby, Lance and all others that helped setup and take down.

Unfortunately the meeting was not setup for zoom this time, but we are working on it for next time we meet in person, thank  you for your patience and understanding. We will be posting some video clips from the meeting soon, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures:

Taron Puri is offering Level 1 Fundamentals of Energy Awareness

Your chairperson, Calvin and Shelby are excited to join Taron and friends on this full weekend of learning and expansion

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