April 14th Meeting

Doug Force – The Myth Is Canada


Join us April 14th online Zoom for our guest speaker Doug Force. Doug has been educating people for over a decade about the Myth We Call Canada, and in the recent years about Allodial titles. 

Doug shows evidence that today, Canada is not a lawfully established Sovereign nation.
Delegates from Canada had no part in drafting the British North American Act, March 20, 1867, and no certified copy of this act was brought back to Canada by the delegates. The Interpretations act, 1889, was passed, stating that Canada is a Colony.

Why didn’t Canada federate?

What does it really mean for us as “Canadians” today?

Follow the money… to learn how certain forces active even today, were determined not to surrender their cherished positions of power. Continuing by way of deception, these forces kept alive the illusion of ‘Canadian Confederation’ and ‘Sovereignty’. This deliberate illusion continued throughout various iterations of the BNA Act, later called the “Constitution Acts” of 1940, 43, 49, 60, 65, 74, 75 and finally, 1982.

“If the people in the 12 sovereign nations (Provinces and Territories) could awaken to what the Government of Canada Inc. really is (master that owns them upon their consent) and take the blinders off put there by those who call themselves the government, we could all have a bright future. The Government of Canada Inc. has painted itself as some sort of religious fairy tale set out to save everyone and keep them safe.  Once people realize the truth and claim ownership over their land they can truly be free. Let us help you see the truth, The Myth is Canada.”

Watch Doug’s two part series explaining the Myth is Canada Below

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