November 14, 2012 – Frank Jordan, Master Dowser

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November 14, 2012

6:30 – 9:00 pm

Spruce Cliff Community Centre, 608 Poplar Road SW

Calgary Dowsers

Members $10.00 Guests $13.00


Calgary Dowsers Presents Frank Jordan, Master Dowser

Experience the Crystalline Grid of Consciousness of Pyramid Energy

November 14, 2012

6:30 – 9:30 pm

608 Poplar Road at Spruce Cliff Community Centre

Guests $13.00 Members $10.00

Frank Jordan is a Master Dowser, Psychic Intuitive Physicist, Empathic, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Healer, Earth Energy Master, Inventor, Teacher and Writer. He was on the American Society of Dowsers Board of trustees for five years, and has conducted healing and dowsing seminars in the USA and Canada for 25 years. He is a Subtle Energy Master with the ability to change most physical, mental, and emotional conditions. He is one of the foremost healers on the planet, as demonstrated in sessions this past month in Toronto.

“As we move through these times of transition more and more information is being downloaded.At a Healing Session in October new information came in about the ancient pyramids around the world, and with instructions on how to build an energetic crystal pyramid using smoky point crystals.The energy it generated was phenomenal.We used it for healing and for time travel by the three people who were the resonators. It took them into the fourth dimension, and we discovered that when a fourth person joined the group, they were carried upward in the frequency octaves also. This was totally unexpected, and it gives us another incredible tool that people can use to access the fourth dimension and the galactic energies for reformation of our DNA strands.”

For this evening Frank will share his experiences of moving into the 4th & higher dimension, illustrate techniques for improving dowsing skills and demonstrate new, more accurate, tools and techniques. For those who want more; these skills will lead directly into the workshop to follow where you will dowse your future to determine your levels of consciousness and blocks to the 4th dimension.

Bio:As an old friend of the Questers, to some of you Frank will be no stranger.Frank has extensive knowledge concerning the dimensional shift predicted to come on Dec. 21st, 2012. He will conduct a Calgary workshop Nov. 17thand 18th teaching how to move into the 4thdimensional field of consciousness and how to use the new abilities found there. This is a very advanced level of knowledge that has not been available before. New information on using crystals for clearing and healing and for accessing the 4th dimension by use of a crystal pyramid will be demonstrated.

Frank will hold healing sessions in Calgary on the 15th and 16th, and 19th and 20th. The Weekend Seminar Clearing the Way to the 5th Dimension is scheduled for November 17 & 18

Clearing the Way to the 5th Dimension Extensive Workshop Nov 17 & 18

To hear Frank Jordan Listen to his Healing and Meditation Sessions on WolfSpiritRadio

For more Information call Merope 403-217-2702 or

To register online for Frank’s Calgary Healing Sessions, or Weekend Seminar | Kathy Wilson ~ | Toronto Line: 416-225-3612 Alternate Line: 519-800-8400

December 12, 2012

Annual Seasonal Potluck Dinner

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I repeat, please RSVP if you are planning to attend, and please let Richard know what type of potluck dish you will share.Thank You!

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